Poverty and Its Problem

It has been 11 years since Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) was announced. But sadly, there are many points that still far from the goals. One of them is poverty eradication, which is the first goal in MDGs. Poverty is the biggest problem in developing countries, like Indonesia, since ages. Although Indonesian economic is growing recently, but until now poverty still can not be eradicated. It is even getting bigger and bigger. Base on Indonesian Statistic Department (BPS) , number of poor people in Indonesia, whose income less than $1 a day, are 30,07 Million, it means 12,5% Indonesian are poor. It is still big amount and seems impossible, but we must work together against the time in order to achieve the first goal.
Poverty is a complex problem, because the problem inside are actually connected and affect each other. There are three main points that lead to poverty. These points should be handled seriously, such as education, unemployment and corruption.
First is education. Indonesia government actually concerns about education, like appears on the budget for education in APBN. Every year government allocates budget around 158.234 Billion for education, the biggest one. But what we have found in villages, show the opposite. There are still so many school buildings that not worth to use as a place to study, so many children who have not the chance to go to school, and so many uneducated people. Actually not only in villages, but also in big cities, like Jakarta, we can easily find them. So we can say this problem spread along Indonesia.
Beside education, unemployment in Indonesia is also one of Indonesia’s biggest problem. Until February 2011, there are 8,12 million people who are unemployed. Education has big role in this problem. People, who are uneducated, are often face this problem: hardly find job. It just because they do not have skills that are required. That is why we must reform education to improve people life. But there are also many educated people out there who are still unemployed. It is just because too little job offers, and sadly, people are trained to seek jobs, not to create the job. That is why it is hard to reduce unemployment numbers. We should change this system, the school system. People should have entrepreneurial spirit, so that they do not need to seek job, because they make their own.
The last point is corruption. Corruption is the worst problem ever, not only in Indonesia, but also in other countries. This can slowly destroy country, because it ruins everything. It hampers school building construction, micro economic growth and country advancement. It is like domino effect. When school building construction is ruined, children can not go to school and when they can not go to school, they are uneducated. Then, as it was being told, when people are uneducated, they will lead to poverty.
So we must eradicate corruption first, in order to get success in poverty eradication. Some people say it is impossible to reduce number of corruption, moreover clear it up. But what we have seen in several years, one by one corruptor is jailed. Some of them revealed unbelievable issues. We should reinforce the legal for corruptors, so that there is no more corruption.


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