Short Term Memory Or?

Almost two days I use my brother’s facial wash. They call it men expert, dunno if it’s good for girls or not, but it left me no choice. It just because I left my facial wash (for women of course) at my sister house and am not going to buy the new one, because I bough it last week, wasting money.
This is not the first time I left things. Yes my bad habit, left things and realize it in following hours or maybe the next days! Many times I left my things at different places accidentally (why do I purpose left my things? -_-), such as at restaurants, friend’s houses, trains, classes and my others. Most often is tumbler. Maybe I lost 10 tumbler since I go to the college, and it cost pretty much. Sigh.
I don’t have any idea, is this because my short term memory bad or because I less concentrate? Hmm, dunno. But it annoy me, a lot.
First, I lost my money because of my fool, buying new one to replace the lost one. I should save it for my trips, I have 2 trips in the next six months. Waste no money, honey!
Second, I’m tired feeling lost, even it just a thing, not person.
Third, it shows that I don’t treat my things well. It shows that I’m “selebor“. Sad 😦
Oh God, I want to change this habit! But I dunno how to cure this. Anyone out there kind to help me?


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