Out of My Comfort Zone

Halooooo, it’s been ages since my last post. Am so sorry, am extremely busy now. Since June 1st, am working at Disctarra as crew. I work here till end of July. Only two months because I don’t wanna spend all my holiday time just for work. I wanna have time to play around! Hahaha.
Do you want to know how I got this job? Am so pleased to tell you. Since last year I really want to work. I want to have my own money because I wanna travel around Indonesia and around South East Asia next year. I won’t ask the money to my parents for traveling. I’ve already asked them too much. That’s why I really really want to work. Then I’ve got the information from Gege. Last year she worked at Disctarra too. She told me to send CV and statement letter to Disctarra head office, and I did exactly like she said. During the time waiting for the calling, I also applied to another companies, like Aksara, MAP, Times Bookstore and Kidzania. I sent all my application on May, when I was so hectic working up my last exams. Two weeks have gone by, I got the phone call that told me to come to an interview at Disctarra Head Office in Pesanggrahan. Gratefully I got the news while my parents was in Jakarta. They helped me to prepare everything I need. They also took me to Pesanggrahan to have the interview. Am so grateful. Because my brother wouldn’t do the same. That’s why I love my parent sooo much, they are really caring.
When I just got home after the interview, on 8.45 pm, my phone was ringing. New text message. I bet you know the message was for. Yes, you’re right. It’s from Bu Dessy, Disctarra HRD. She told me to come to Head Office again to get briefing before I start the job. Wow! Am extremely happy! I got the job I got the job! First list on my things to do this holiday. Yeaynes!!
First day of work I came home at 10.50 pm with no energy. Then my mom started to forbid me to work because I got home on late night, she worried about the transportation on the night. And she also doesn’t want me to get sick just because this job. Am confused. First, I extremely exhausted but the paid isn’t good enough, half of my salary is for transportation. Second, my family didn’t support me, except my sister, she is the one who support me to continue it. At that time I really want to quit the job. But then I realize, months ago I want to get a job, and now I got a job but want to waste it away. Oh cmon, am I too weak? Where is me, the strong one? Then my spirit is reload. I can beat it, it just only two month, not so long time. And now I got the rhythm. Am enjoying it.
22 days passed by, 28 days left. Fast, rite? It just because friends in here are kind and a little bit crazy, I laughed a lot! But I don’t really trust them, because, as you know, I can smell something bad on people, like on them. But I try to be kind and put respect on them. Am trying my best.
Ach ja, almost forgot, I learn so many things in here. I will tell you later, I promise. Now it’s already midnight, time to sleep, woof!


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